Irons in the Fire

I’ve not forgotten about this place. Nor any of my friends/cojournalists.

What I have is too many irons in the fire.

This is different from being “too busy”. Too busy is a condition of the rat-race. Its running around trying to catch up, trying to stay up. It represents the energy wasted switching between activities, or on those activities which really don’t contribute to the quality of our lives as much as they distract from the truly qualitative activities.

Irons in the fire represents industry. Value. Labor.

Online, I’m active editing Wikipedia. I also share knowledge about tech issues on a couple of websites. I play online games on some evenings with my nephews in other states — the games are not important, but spending the time relating to them is.

At home, I am still involved with my bike club, although I’ve reduced my involvement to the lowest level possible while still making a real contribution. I am increasingly (variably) involved with my local Community Emergency Response Team, and am still trying to start a CERT program with my employer. I still attend my church’s small group Bible study. Somewhere in there, I still make time for dates, or to talk for an hour on the phone counseling a friend.

On June 4, I start EMT-B classes. These will go through October.

A concern that is taking more and more of my time is learning about, understanding, and preparing for what is soon to come. I’m talking about prophecy, New World Order, martial law in the United States, and the End of Everything.

Suprisingly, this is not a spiritual journey.

This is a sometimes terrifying study of law, history, and the legislative, judicial, and executive process.

It is terrifying because the proof of the corruption — yes, of the conspiracy — is actually in black and white. It is part of our National Archive… but it is stored in places that we have been taught not to look. Places we have never been educated to be concerned about looking — and this dis-education is actually part and parcel of said corruption.

It is angering, because of my pride, and the fact that some portion of this has happened “during my watch”.

But I ramble… my point being all of these things which occupy my time are matters of importance. Matters that make a real difference. Not busyness.

For the truth of that, I’ve nary found time to write — here, or elsewhere. Part of me knows the futility of doing so, at least for my sake. Within a short order of years, I’ll be able to browse my own history, and that of all of you, in real-time (one of the perks of Heaven). So there’s no driving compulsion to put my pen to paper so to speak.

Relationships remain fairly stable, such as they are.

  • No answer from Kelly.
  • Road has finally gotten away from Bob, but no nearer to me, despite some almost close encounters. She still calls me for advice after she does dumb things. She’s in the opening stages of one, now…
  • April has “found someone” although she is now past the “in love” phase and so questions the reality of the relationship. She’s not quite ready to settle down yet. I give what advice I can.
  • The Fern is engaged, but no date set, which, after awhile, becomes a kind of non-engagement. She is none the less committed. We still do movies, etc.
  • The Forest moved for a time, but has again receeded. I want to go camping, but the Forest is never open. Communication is vaporous at this point — something I’m used to. *shrug*
  • Christine is dating someone, almost a year at this point. We still do tv every couple of weeks, as has been our custom for several years. The “pressure” to do so is relieved, and I think we are both more comfortable about being able to flex that schedule.

Between the Fern, Road, and April, I can usually find someone to spend time with when I want or need, and my schedule has just enough flexibiltiy on a weekly basis to do the same for them. I still have an account on eHarmony, but I’m not a subscriber. I do go active on Free Communication weekends, but mostly just to meet new people.

I’m fairly content in most respects.

As of next week, I will officially be a non-taxpayer. Once I have that determination, I will begin to terminate Witholding and Social Security deductions by my employer. These things, too, are voluntary. The hard part will be showing my employer the truth about that. It will help when I show them they can save money by not making the matching payments.

Speaking of my employer, work remains steadily chaotic. My assignments come very rapid succession and with little relative correllation. I am very busy at work! …but at least I’m not bored. *grin*

And so I finish this entry and return to tending the forge, hammering a new shape into the irons in the fire.

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I only thought of you yesterday … but then you and I have always seemed to have that connection :o) I am glad for your productiveness and that you have many friends but forgive me if I just also wish you would find that one special lady meant entirely for you. ***HUGS*** It is SOOOOOOO good to hear from you. Life is so busy here too. I miss you often .. be well each day ****HUGS****

May 31, 2007

Sounds like life is moving at a good clip for you. I am glad you stopped by to say hello, even if it only happens every now and again. Here’s hoping that your life becomes everything you want it to be. *HUGS*

June 3, 2007

hey, it’s good to hear you’re alive and kicking. It soulds like pretty good times. I’m glad you’re content.