I think I’ve found my theme song for the year.

I was tooling around this lunch hour running errands, and a song came on the radio that I’ve heard a couple of times lately on this station, but have never caught the name of. Actually, I had never heard it start to finish, because my ears hadn’t learned to recognize its start.

But today, they did..I did. I listened from the beginning and tried to pick up on all the lyrics. They were hard to understand in places due to the driven, earthbeat instrumentation. But what I could understand seemed quite poetic in an abstract way — just what I like.

I also noticed that it had a really ’80s sound. Something else I often like. I was really wondering, “Who’s making this kind of music today?” and I thought, this is really like Tears for Fears or some of those kinds of bands…

When I got back to my office, I pulled up the station’s playlist, and it was Break It Down Again by, yup, Tears for Fears! I had never heard this song before, or at least, didn’t remember it.

I Songs365’ed the lyrics (which, by the way, seems to be far more accurate than all the other lyric sites who have just plagerized each other’s bad radio sync of lyrics…gak) and found that it is their normal poetry.

And, this particular poetry speaks really strongly to me right now.

The video that plays in my head is a montage of video from all kinds of things, but showing strong images of bringing down the Berlin Wall and of the 1984/Apple ad of a track chic with a sledgehammer. To my ears, its a song that celebrates the necessity of change, especially in the light of the truth of reality.

Its also an anthem. A call to arms. A call to sledgehammers.

I like it. It fits me, and where I am, and where life is, right now.

In fact, the song is sufficiently stirring that just this afternoon I’ve considered changing my operational motto. It’s currently “To Serve and Support”. But this is largely a passive, reactive role (it also requires planning and future-casting, at which I excel).

Time may be near, may be here, when I need to go public, go active… start breaking it down again…

The sledgehammer shall be my new icon. Now I need a symbol for truth and light.

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April 29, 2008

And sledgehammering! Peter Gabriel would be proud! But in all seriousness, I think it’s a good choice. Tears for Fears has always had a way to evoke those emotions most of us can’t put to words. I wish you all the best.

the curse of those who can see the future is the burden of how much they should alter it. ****HUGS**** you are not passive … you are wise. ***HUGS***