Diagnosis #2

I got a very unexpected diagnosis from the neuro.  Apparently I’ve had several small strokes. Not TIAs because obviously these strokes don’t cause permanent damage or show up on MRI.  Mine were the real deal–just not massive.  Enough to cause some damage, though.

When stroke was initially brought up, I wasn’t surprised.  Stroke is in my family, I have high cholesterol, my sugar is getting higher, and I smoke.  But then it was ruled out.  Now, it’s ruled back in.  The stuff that showed up on my MRI that was initially blown off is now the culprit.

So there’s that.

I have to start taking 81mg of aspirin, go to physical therapy and quit smoking.  I also have to do the low fat diet thing.

I am being told how lucky I am.  I get what they’re saying, but I’m not feeling too lucky right now.

I also have the syrinx in my spine which causes pain.  The neuro doesn’t think so, but it does.  Anyone who has one of these little bastards knows it.  It’s just that the doctors don’t know it.  It’s rare and even rarer to find a doctor know very much about it.  They’re still checking for more but really, why?  I mean, if they can’t do anything about it?

So anyway, there’s all that.  I had a good run for 54 years and now the shit is hitting the fan.

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April 6, 2018

I’m so sorry you got that diagnosis. Strokes run in my family too and I have been on BP medication for years.Plus I have a BP monitor and take asprin once a day.As a friend said getting older is no fun!But the main thing is you got a diagnosis -I seem to be getting nowhere in that department at present with my doctor who I think has decided its all in my head!Take care.

April 7, 2018

We often tell patients that you spend the second half of your life paying for what you did during the first half.  Many don’t get a “warning” stroke, and you can avoid future issues with the right actions and decisions.  Good luck.