Easter & Stuff

I’m happy to report that my pity party the other day didn’t last long. I think it was just an unfortunate multitude of circumstances that put me there.  I’m over it for the most part.

Easter was nice. I had my daughter, uncle and youngest cousin over. I usually don’t entertain, and now was probably not the best time to decide to do that considering how I’ve been feeling but I did it anyway. I did it for my uncle. The backstory is that he is only 7 years my senior so I grew up with him more like a brother or a cousin and since day one he was always my favorite person on the planet.  He lost his wife to brain cancer a year ago this month.  I thought he needed the love.

Yesterday, I took my Yorkie to a new vet.  I’d been using Banfield right along (for location convenience) but I just wasn’t liking it there anymore. I never saw the same vet twice and now with Jack going on 10, I thought he needed more personal care so I went back to my old and trusted vet.  It’s a hike but worth it.  Plus, Jack has knee problems and I wanted a solid opinion on that. He needs surgery. It’s $1900 for the first knee and the give you a break on the second one.

Like I can afford this shit right now! —sigh—

He will have the surgery, tho.  He is my baby.

Work is still dead. Sometimes I wonder why I bother going in as I’m only paid on commission.  I don’t get paid for my time.  The last time it was this bad was right after 911.  I barely made my bills this month.  My husband’s work is barely trickling in.   I cant wait until this turns around!  At least my husband’s end of it, anyway.

My mom’s 75th Birthday is the 26th and I want to do something nice—like maybe a brunch somewhere with just her closest family. I can’t afford to do much more than that.

I have that neurologist appointment tomorrow and I’m a little nervous.  I feel like that appointment is like starting all over again and there will be no relief for me for a while.  I have the feeling he’s going to send me for a plethora of tests or to other doctors.  I don’t like doctors, so it took a lot for me to do any of this and I just want it to be over and get some relief.  I’ve been in pain since last summer.  It came on slowly and has ramped up since then.  One symptom after another.  It’s so hard to function sometimes.  And I’m always tired.  It’s like having the flu on the daily.  And on the if come I have a good day, I’ll pay for it the next.  It never fails.  Suffice it to say that after Sunday’s gig, I felt like death on Monday.

The calendar says we are supposed to be springing right now and yet we have snow in the forecast.  I’m not surprised.  This is Michigan and I was born a Michiganian.  I should be used to it.  The weather is fickle here, but still…  it’s fucking April, man!

Well, I have a few things I need to accomplish today and then I’m going to be in rest mode.  Day off.



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