No rest for the weary

I’m up way too early this morning.

Frigging sinus headache.

Glad today is my day off.

My Mom is still all but bed ridden. She had an MRI and has an appointment with a orthopedic doctor on the 18th. All we know is there is degeneration in her lower back which is pressing on a nerve—most likely the sciatic nerve.  So in addition to my own issues and my job, I’ve been taking care of her now, too.  And all of the chores and errands.  No rest for the weary these days. I’m doing the best that I can.

Blue Cross screwed me over on the Repatha for my choloesterol.  I have to try 2 more statin drugs first.  Statins mess with my liver and make my body very achy but I have to do it.  Insurance companies suck!  My doctor is going to test my liver on the monthly to prevent any damage.

Things at work are off the hook!  Sales are crazy good and my husband is swamped with work—more than he wants, actually.  I’m going to make hay in the sunshine (as the saying goes) and take this opportunity to pay off some bills with my commission checks.

Mother’s Day is going to be a bust.  My daughter was going to take my mom and I to the casino but with the situation with my mom the way it is, that would be impossible.  I guess we will just hang out at the foot of my mom’s bed and visit. If the weather is good, maybe we can grill some steaks or something. My mom wanted us to go without her but I can’t do her like that on Mother’s Day.

My house is somewhat of a disaster so I’ve been cleaning one room top to bottom on every day I have off.  The fun around here never ends. 😂

I guess that’s all.  I need a nap already.


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May 11, 2018

I don’t like when an insurance tells a doctor what they can give you. It has happened to me twice.

Awww. Your mom didn’t want you to miss out on the fun day.

How many residents move out a year, would you say? People can’t want to spend their income tax refund. 🙂