Plugging along…

Things have really picked up on my husband’s end of the business.  Now he’s too busy.  Feast or famine.  Always has been.  I’m so fucking grateful, though, I can’t even tell you.  It was getting scary there for a minute.  I’ve only got one sale for April so far.  One.  And nothing on the horizon.  Things shouldn’t suck like this in the middle of April.  I’m –>thisclose<– to throwing in the towel–not even kidding.  I really don’t see anything change.  Not enough, anyway.

I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul, and soon I’ll be needing to buy a new central air unit (before it gets hot) and I need new glasses in the worst way.  My eyesight really went downhill when all the strokes happened.  I can’t see for shit anymore.  I have no idea where that money is coming from.  Paul hasn’t even begun to pay Peter back.

I started my first physical therapy session last Friday.  I dunno… it seems stupid.  The exercises, I mean.  They are working parts of my body that don’t need working on.  I know it was only the first session, but I only have so many sessions covered under my insurance, and even at that there’s a $30 co-pay per session.  I’d like to cut to the chase and work on what needs to be worked on.  ASAP.  The therapist already told me I will most likely not regain all or even half of the use of my foot and ankle.  (Encouraging.)  I needed PT when it all started.  Anyway, 3 times a week for 4 weeks and that’s all.  Luckily the place is just 5 minutes away so that helps.

Tomorrow I go for that doppler on my carotid arteries and that’s the last of my tests.  Hopefully.

Mother Nature has been a real fickle bitch these days.  One day it’s sunny and almost 70 digress.  The next day it’s pouring rain, pouring ice pellets, you name it.  Where is spring?

I have to go update all my iStuff now.  What a pain…


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