What’s up doc?

I had my MRI yesterday.  I can’t really understand the radiologist’s report but it looks like a bunch of bulging discs and some other stuff.  I didn’t see the word “syrinx” so I guess that’s good.  I was surprised there’s anything wrong with my thoracic spine at all.  That’s the only part of my back that doesn’t hurt!

I saw my GP today.  He is putting my on Repatha for my cholesterol.  That’s the new one that you inject like an Epi pen.  I understand it’s hard to get that drug.  You have to have had a stroke or a heart attack before your insurance will pay for it.  How stupid!  I can’t take statin drugs.  What I was taking wasn’t doing much.  So if I’d been taking Repatha right along, I might not be in the position I am right now!

Stupid ass insurance companies.

My doctor also gave me a handicap parking permit–for life.  I asked why for life?  I mean, I’m going to go to physical therapy.  He said because the ataxia I have is permanent.


So I guess I’ll have to hold a sign that says I’m not drunk, I just have ataxia?

I don’t even know if PT is going to help that much.  It seems like this has gone on too long for that.  It’s supposed to be done right away.  I’ve been walking this way almost a year.  But, I’ll try anyway.  What the hell, right?

I have a carotid artery scan next Tuesday and then I am finished with doctors for a while.  That makes me happy!


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April 11, 2018

Is it rabbit season already?

April 25, 2018

My dad has had high cholesterol most of his life, statins do nothing for it. When he had a 5-way bypass earlier this month, my mom asked about Repatha. His VA doc had never heard of it, his cardio doc said TriCare / Medicare won’t pay for it, UNLESS you’ve had no success with all the other meds. It’s a slippery slope when you need the meds, but can’t get them ….