Apartment Stuff and Other Things

There is still a lot to do in this apartment but I have got started on it. For a few days after I moved back, I really did nothing because there seemed so MUCH to do I literally couldn’t get myself to start. Then a day or so ago, I forced myself to start, and once I had emptied the old-and-gigantic cooler, things seemed better. However, there is still a huge and unsorted pile of art stuff scattered here and there. This still depresses me a little since although there was still a huge pile before the water got in, it was, at least all in one place!

This coming Saturday, I am going to a three hour workshop on making an art journal. It is at a place I have never been before so finding this place will be an adventure. I have never kept an art journal and never seen the value of them for me, mostly, I think because I do a huge amount of prep work in my head before I start with the paint, and even then,  by its very nature most of what I do opens up to me as I do it. However, I am open to trying new things so I may find that an art journal is a useful tool for me. Anyway, today I have physical therapy {NOT in the pool} so tomorrow’s job will be finding out where this place is and finding a journal to take with me! Hmmm, I knew EXACTLY where the blank journals were before the flood… I was just thinking about maybe going out to buy one if I couldn’t find the one or two I have when I suddenly realized I have no idea where to get one here. And that if I were back in Vermont, I would know exactly where to go…

In a total change of subject, I finally got round to updating my GPS. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes because there were a couple of small errors before I updated it. You might remember I mentioned that it sends me in the wrong direction for a short time when I go to buy groceries. One thing I have already noticed is that it wants me to take the first entry into the complex where I live whereas before the updating, it took me to the second entry which is actually the shortest way to where my apartment is!

OK, it is almost 8 AM. I have been up an hour so I am now off to investigate the subject of breakfast…







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June 6, 2013

Breakfast sounds like a good idea. Hmm, I know that Cheap Joes is somewhere in NC, but I have no idea exactly where. I’m certain that there must be something close by to you.

June 6, 2013

hope you are able to find the journals and don’t need to buy new ones. is there a number you can call to find out just about anything? if there isn’t, there should be! maybe online? will be glad when i’m able to get my own breakfast. enjoy yourself this saturday. glad you are getting out and about. take care,

June 6, 2013

How disheartening to have to unpack TWICE in the first few months. I hope you find your journals. Maybe in the process of looking, you’ll get another box or two emptied.

I am always overwhelmed and depressed by unpacking!