Making Journals

I went to the "making journals" workshop this afternoon, and, on the whole, enjoyed it a lot. It was not that I learned anything I didn’t already know how to do, but it was invigorating to be making art again and fun to be doing it with a group of women. It is possible I may write more about this tomorrow…

Google maps had let me know the journey would take about an hour. I used my GPS and allowed myself an hour and a half and got there 15 minutes before the class started. I was not the first one there. The workshop was in part of what looked like an old barn. The owner had several dogs but they were not running free. They were in a shady area outside which gave them lots of room and the dogs came to the fence  to be petted and were polite and well-mannered! The area we were in was very rural and very pretty. It rained heavily yesterday and I had fears I would be driving through the rain today but we were fortunate and the sun shone all the way. I am always apprehensive driving to a new place and I always find it easy to drive home!

I am very tired and ready to go to bed. Hmmm, 9 PM. Maybe I will be a big girl and stay up until 10!







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June 8, 2013

That sounds like so much fun, and aren’t you thankful for your GPS! I absolutely love mine when I’m going somewhere unfamiliar.

It is okay to get lost when driving, and okay to be late for classes due to getting lost. You have a GPS that guides you beautifully. You know to breathe slowly and deeply when you feel anxiety coming on. You are very capable and very intelligent. On top of that you have intuition that will never steer you wrong. I just wanted to remind you that you are an inspiration to others.

So glad you enjoyed your class and that the drive was a good one! Hugs,M

June 9, 2013

You do better than I! If I have good directions, I can get to places, but then I sometimes get confused trying to do them in reverse, and end up getting lost on the way home. :o) It sounds like such a lovely setting to do art in, too, and I’m so glad you went and had a good time! hugs, Nicky

June 9, 2013

Would enjoy hearing more about the journals. Since I write here I hardly ever write in a paper journal anymore even though I have MANY!!!!!!! Lately I go to bed between nine and ten. Nothing to do or nothing I want to do and I get bored and tired.

June 9, 2013

Adventuring is always fun for me and you seem to have enjoyed yourself.

June 9, 2013

Glad you enjoyed! I need to find a group like this…also glad you were early. Driving when I dont know the area makes me very nervous, too. *HUGS*

June 9, 2013

glad you got to the place with plenty of time. it’s good you enjoyed yourself. i get so nervous if i have to drive somewhere i’ve never been. so much so, that i try not to do that. take care,

June 9, 2013

Very happy to hear that you had a good time and didn’t have any problems getting there.