• Physical therapy yesterday was excellent. Again, I didn’t feel particularly tired when I do it, but I came home and slept for an hour or so.
  • Today Jake and I are going to go out to eat. Wait a minute, I can hear you say…didn’t you do this a few days ago? Well, yes, but after sending him Email that Wednesday was fine for me, I went back and reread his email only to find out that he actually didn’t include Wednesday in his choices! He asked if Thursday or Friday would suit me best! So, anyway, we are going out this evening. His choice and I pay since this is a Thank-you-for-letting-me-stay-at-your-house meal! He has a lot of patience with me. I can SEE he is an adult but it doesn’t seem to have sunk in in some ways. When the water started dripping through the ceiling, I called him and told him I was going to move into his house until all was sorted out! You will notice I didn’t ask or use the word "Please!" I cannot think of another adult I wouldn’t call and ask first! Anyway, I DO try to do better but I still tend to think of him and his brother as my babies!
  • I have been working today on putting bedroom clutter away. It will all get done eventually.
  • When I realized that today was the Solstice, I had a little pain in my heart for a bit, because Fred always wished me a Happy Solstice Day and his daughter used to send him Happy Solstice Day cards!
  • It is almost 4 PM and times for all civilized people to pause for a cup of tea which is just what I am going to do.







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Happy Solstice Day, Patricia! Have a wonderful time with Jake.

June 21, 2013

I must not be very civilized. LOL I’m going to be giving a massage when 4:00 hits.

June 21, 2013

Tea sounds so good right now. And yes, it is civilized. Besides, your boys are always going to be your babies, and you do have terrific son to help you out, without complaint. Bless you both for that.

June 21, 2013

sweet memory. i can totally understand your not really thinking of your son as an adult but as your baby. it’s hard to see them as all grown up. i’ll be glad when i can get into my room and clean up and put away the laundry that angela washes and dries but folds and leaves on my bed. couldn’t sleep in their til i put the clothes away. i’m thinking a cup of tea sounds nice. take care,

June 22, 2013

Happy (one day late) Solstice! Are you going to watch the “super” moonrise tomorrow evening?