Yet Another Friday

Today I went to the local garden center at Walmarts and got a couple of nice containers to put my plants in. I also got some potting soil AND got my hair cut. This last was an afterthought because as I walked by the salon on my way back to the car, I realized that I really needed to sit down!  I have been considering a hair cut for a couple of weeks so that worked out well. She cut off quite a lot because that was what I asked her to do. The only thing I didn’t like is that she cut the back straight across like a man’s cut even though I specifically asked her not to do this. Oh well, it will grow out. But I like what she did with the rest of it.

One interesting thing that came out of this is that I got a recommendation for a massage therapist. As soon as the hairdresser realized I was English, she told me her massage person was from England too, and then went on quite a lot about how good she is! The hairdresser said she had been going for massages every two weeks for about four years so that in itself is a recommendation worth paying attention to. I got the massage person’s name and phone number before I left.

When I got home, I was very tired so I just piled everything up by the front door and went to lie on the bed. I turned the new fan on high and it was wonderful. I thought I might take a nap but the phone rang and it was a nice surprise, a friend, P., whom I hadn’t spoken to or heard from in years. A couple of weeks ago I had come across his email address and sent him an email to let him know where and how I was. It was very nice to hear from him. Apparently all the time he was talking to me, he was driving across Iowa! I asked him what he was doing these days and he said, "Working" which was no surprise since that is his main interest. He is an engineering consultant and gets paid a lot of money but with no security. I don’t know that I could tell you what he does {even though I helped him update his resume once} but he is paid a lot and has no problem getting a new contract when the one he currently working runs out.

Tomorrow Jake is taking me to lunch at the farmers’ market in Raleigh. We went once before and I enjoyed the food.

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier. It is not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


Goals: Transfer a couple of plants into the bigger pots.

           Physical therapy exercises. I did none today but I walked a lot.







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I like that you were spontaneous. That adds a little excitement to life. I am so not spontaneous, usually. Thanks for your nice note!

I have thought about getting my hair cut shorter but with my face being so round I’m not so sure. Glad you like yours!! Hmm, repotting plants…. I have one that needs to be done. LOL Hugs,M

July 26, 2013

Maybe I should move to where you are. I would love to have a whole bunch of clients who came in every two weeks! I’m so happy you found someone. I hope you like her.

I really like my hair dresser. It is better when they do what you asked. Here, a massage is expensive. I would want someone good though if I could afford it. I love a Farmer’s Market.

July 27, 2013

would love to go to the local farmer’s market. but, angela is gone so i can’t go. i’m thinking that it’ll still be open when i can drive again. i’m thinking of having a massage from the place where i’m going for p/t. i had to let off p/t exercises at home yesterday. i was so sore that i could hardly move. will do them today and then again tomorrow and again on monday. take care,

July 27, 2013

Short hair is so much easier to manage. Have you heard from your “old” friend again?

July 27, 2013
July 27, 2013
July 28, 2013

I hope you enjoyed the farmer’s market, and what a great recommendation for a massage therapist! I’ve had the same experience with short hair. I had a pixie cut and when I moved to NYC I went to a JC Penny in Queens, and the woman used the clippers on the back of my head instead of just cutting with scissors. Thankfully hair grows back! *HUGS*

July 28, 2013
July 30, 2013

mmmmm! Farmers’ Markets have such good food! I’m glad you and Jake are doing that together. :o) !! I need a haircut REALLY BADLY!!!!! I just need to set my mind to it and do it!! hugs, Nicky