Being Stood Up, But Forging Ahead

Today would be my first and only day off this week.  I worked six consecutive days this past week, which doesn’t happen all that often.  I’m so behind with all the reports that I have to write that I decided to make an appearance in the office yesterday for a lot longer than I had anticipated, but I was productive, so it really isn’t quite as negative as I might make it out to be.  As has been my schedule for the past month and then some, I will be back in the office tomorrow at my new start time of 5am.  I’ve always been an early bird and I have no problem coming into the office at such an early hour, which gives me two hours of alone time before people start trickling in for the beginning of their shifts.  I tend to get a lot done in those two hours before 7am, so I have no problem waking up early to make it happen, especially if it means that I can be completely alone in that quiet, though sparsely lit office.

I know that we’re in the middle of the NFL season, but I didn’t bother to watch the Bengals-Texans game today, which in the end, turned out to be quite the disappointing loss for Cincinnati.  It looks like the Bengals were either completely drained by the Bills victory last week or they came in today completely underestimating whatever the Texans were bringing to the table.  A loss is a loss and now, the Bengals fall to 5-4, which is good for last place in the AFC North.  There’s still plenty of time to right this ship, so I remain optimistic.  The Orange & Black will regroup and hopefully be better prepared for Baltimore next week.

I was supposed to have a play date with SB today, but she stood me up.  By play date, I mean that she and I were supposed to play Call of Duty online today, but she never reached out to me, not even to cancel.  No explanation, no nothing.  I suppose I’m used to her doing this sort of thing to me.  The most I can do is hope that she’s okay.  I ended up playing Ghost of Tsushima instead, which is always a fun time anyway, so the day wasn’t a complete loss.  As I was saying, it’s not a common thing for females to play Call of Duty and it’s less frequent that a female actually be good at the game.  SB and I have played COD many times before, though not for a few weeks now.  She’s normally not flaky like this, but I will say that when it comes to playing COD together, she tends to be very hit or miss.  Of late, she’s been more miss than anything else.

I spent some time on the road today, running errands and what-not.  I am still irritated by how people refuse to use their turn signals.  Today’s irritation also includes motorists who can’t be bothered to drive at the speed limit or close to it.  I think that because I’m used to being on the road in the early morning hours and after 6pm most days, I’m used to being around other drivers.  This means that I have a low tolerance for a lot of the dumb shit that most drivers do.  The one thing that I hate about early-morning driving is other drivers’ deliberately running stop signs and red lights.  Sure, it’s dark.  There’s minimal traffic out.  There can’t possibly be a cop at every corner, so sure, why not just do 70 right through this intersection even though I clearly have a red light staring right at me?!?!  It is infuriating and also quite dangerous for everyone else who might just be following the rules of the road.  I guess I take my life into my own hands every morning at 4:40am when I leave the house and make my way down these dark and potentially deadly local streets.

It’ll be business as usual for me for the coming week.  I’ve fallen into this rut, where everything has been pretty routine, but I like routine.  I don’t like deviating from what is my version of normal.  I get up early as hell.  I work at least 12 hours most days.  I now leave work after dark.  I go home and eat dinner.  I lie down, fall asleep, and wait for the next day to do it all over again.  Indeed, I am living the dream.  God bless adulthood and all of the rigors to which I subject myself, all to avoid being hungry and homeless.

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