Some Kind Of Magic

There is something magical that happens when we look into each other’s eyes, as though we are the only two people in the world. For those brief moments, it feels like the earth has stopped rotating and time stops ticking.  For that moment, it’s just me and Serena.  For the past few months, Serena and I have shared many intimate moments together. We have shared many stories about ourselves, our lives, our histories, and most importantly, our feelings about each other. 

I have told her this, not only with the exact words, but with various other synonymous phrases and expressions, that I love her deeply. It took her a long time for her to finally express her feelings, but recently, she told me that she loved me too. I always had that thought in the back of my head that she did, but there’s something powerful when you hear those three simple words directly because of how much they mean, especially when spoken by that special someone. 

Being a man, I have it embedded in my mind that I am supposed to suppress all emotion to most things that happen to me. When she expressed this to me, I remained stoic, as i replied, “I love you too”.  But inside, I again felt my heart go aflutter, an unforeseen warmth overcame me, and I felt at least for that moment, that again all was right with the world and Serena finally felt comfortable enough to reveal her true feelings for me. 

She may not fully understand this, but Serena means the world to me. I think about her constantly and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get her off of my mind. Thoughts of her penetrate my mind, while images of her smile and how she looks at me warm my very heart and soul. 

I hate it when we are apart, though this only makes me long for those moments when we are together again. We never ever seem to have enough time, and perhaps, this is why I cherish every hour, minute, and second that we share together. I know that time is one of those resources that is always going to be finite, so I value all the time, no matter how large or small, that we are in each other’s presence. I suppose to some degree. I also enjoy the many thoughts that I have of her, but in the end, nothing could compare or come close to replacing being with her in a physical capacity.  I love the time that we share together and I feel that somehow, someway, she feels the very same way that I do.

She will never read any of this, but as I’ve said before, there is absolutely nothing that I have written here that I would not tell her in person, to her face, and with the deepest of feeling and sincerity.  If I can be open and honest to what is essentially an anonymous audience, rest assured that I can be just as open and honest with the woman I love so dearly.     

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