All Good Things…

So here it is… my last entry on Open Diary.

This is it, the end of my writings on this website. I had always thought that I would pass on before this site did. I guess a part of me was hoping the Open Diary would live on forever so that friends, family and anyone else who wanted to remember me could come back and read this. When they did, the would have been able to look back at see what a dick I used to be when I was younger.

I was very arrogant back then, but I was young and a bit naive and as the years based and I started to experience new things, the more mature I because during my tenure on Open Diary. When I first started writing this diary, I was angry young man. I was half way through working on my BA in English literature and married less than two years and only 24 years old. I was brash, saucy and didn’t care whose feelings my words hurt. I called it like it was and didn’t care who it offended. I can still see that cocky kid when I go back and read those early entries.

Now today I’d like to think I’m a little easier to get along with. I turned 38 less than three months ago. I’m the father of two amazing boys but I’m also separated and on the fast track to divorce. When I go back and look at the aftermath of what was my first and what might possibly my only marriage… I realize that we jumped into it way too young. I don’t have regrets but I can see that I wasn’t ready for what I did. Still, I walk away from this marriage with two amazing boys, the only people on this planet that I love more than I do myself. I would do anything for them. I would go without the bare necessities to give them whatever they want. Ethan and Jon are awesome and I will love them no matter what they do with their lives or become in the future.

I’m also a writer and a poet. Not a very successful one, but success is irrelevant if you’re doing something you love. The late George Burns once said ‘I’d rather be a failure at something I love than to be a success doing something I hate.” I like to think I’m pretty decent at it and am getting better with every project. It’s something that brings joy to my life and actually reduces stress. I honestly think I wouldn’t be alive if I was still working at the call center today. Thankfully I am and have this chance to say goodbye.

Getting back on topic, not every day on Open Diary was a bed of roses. I’ve survived note bombs, the great hack of 2002 and over a decade of psychotic ravings on the politics circle. I made a few enemies and started some epic flame wars with the best of them. It’s safe to say I left my mark on Open Diary, just ask the Diarymaster and EWS. Good or bad, everyday here on OD was a blast and I will miss the site greatly when it’s gone. I’ve meet so many amazing people here. I keep in touch with many of them and will long after OD is gone, but there are some that passed away during my time on the site. I went back to their diaries and checked them out for what will likely be the last time. I was very sad the day they passed away and I will be sad when their diaries are gone and I can no longer go back and look at them.

While part of me is disappointed that a way to save the sight couldn’t be found (which is weird cause Yahoo and Google are buying everything on the internet these days), a part of me is very grateful that I had a place for the last fourteen years to get on top of my soap box and let people know how I felt about various issues. It was more than just a website to me, but an online community that brought people from all parts of the world a little closer. When I was living on my own even as far as South Korea for the better part of 2002, I never felt alone as long as I had access to Open Diary. You guys were always there for me in the best of times and the worst of times. For that, everyone here will always have my most heartfelt thanks.

Bruce made this site, and he did a pretty bang up job with it as well but it was the users who turned it into the best online community that I have ever been a part of and likely ever will be a part of… that is unless EWS can pull something magical out of his ass next month. My fingers are crossed dude, but forgive me if I don’t hold my breath. The DM really set a standard here and it will be hard to follow up as far as I’m concerned. While I’m pissed he didn’t do whatever he could to keep the site alive, I can’t get upset at him for refusing to give control of OD to someone else, whether it be one person or to a corporation. It would be like asking him to sell one of his kids. He can’t do it and if I was in his place, I wouldn’t be able to as well.

So this is it. The title of this entry is the same title that was used for the final episode of one of my favourite television shows. All good things was the title of the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and in that episode the characters of the show were able to look back at the past and reflect on where they had gone in the times the had known one another. It’s why I chose that title for this final entry because that’s similar to what I want to do with this entry. appreciate the past that was my time with friends on Open Diary and look towards the future wherever it might take me.

I’m not sure what life has in store for any of us, but I promise that if you want to keep me in yours, I will give you the information below to do so. I’ll always be around as for you guys as long as I can.

If you any of you want to hang around and see where this rabbit hole goes, you are always welcome to. You guys can continue to follow me by accessing one of the following websites:







So what more can I say to finish up this entry?

I love you all and will miss you dearly.

I hope you had the time of your life…

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January 29, 2014

i’ve seen you around on od but never noted. not sure why. found you over at pb. hope you don’t mind i bookmarked you. i know what you mean about the best thing that can come from a failed marriage is your kids. was with od since 9/17/99 and it going away is very sad for me. however, i’ve made pb my new home. i will cross post at EWS’s like i did with od. so, you are into star wars? my grandson, son in law, pastor, elder and a few other men at church are really into star wars. they spend a whole year building star wars costumes for the star wars night at church that they hold instead of trick or treating. i don’t understand it but it keeps the guys out of bars and out of trouble!!! you’re a writer? i find that interesting. will have to get your book for my nook. take care,

January 29, 2014

okay, just bought your book for my nook. take care,

January 29, 2014

Just want to say thank you so much for doing the outage board. Meant a lot to us!

Thank you for the outage board and now I know who was spending time with his boys. A very, very important thing to do. I will follow you on PB too. Hope you don’t mind.

I don’t use anything else but I’ll add you on Twitter.

And, AnotherFancyDay is me.

Well said…..

Thank you for the outage board 🙂 Ugh that video/song always makes me cry! Never thought I would listen to it while saying goodbye to a beloved website :'(

February 3, 2014

I did. Goodbye! All the best to you and your family.