August has arrived…

August 2020 is here… wow.

I guess how someone views the new month really depends on how well (or terrible) your 2020 is going I suppose.

To some people, they’ll be like “Wow, it’s August already! This year is flying by!”

Then we have the people who hate 2020, they’ll be saying “Ugh, it’s August! I want this year to be over as soon as possible!”

I’ve been doing alright, so I’m not a freaked out about 2020 so far. A friend sent this to me cause he knew I’d love it, and he was right.

The picture is actually correct, 2020 is better than my first marriage. I’ve been taking it easy, watching movies and shows when not writing. I’ve been working on books with the goal to finish some of them by Sept/Oct, so I’ll have less to worry about when I do Nano again in November.

I can’t believe that we’re three months away from the next presidential election and all the political ads will finally be gone. No matter who wins, there’s going to be a lot of anger and crying, so I’m going to take out my popcorn and enjoy the chaos after the result. I just wish we had a politics circle to post entries about the election… another hint for the DM. Feels like I’ve been asking for 3 years.

I’m still working on the MasterClasses and they’ve been going well. I finished the Dan Brown and Neil DeGrasse Tyson classes and they were both really good. I slacked on the homework a bit, but I found the videos very educational and inspiring. Right now I’m doing two more, those being the writing classes taught by James Patterson and David Sedaris. Two very different writers, but I am finding their classes just as interesting as the last few I’ve taken. I might take the Margaret Atwood class after these two.

The kids are doing well, and enjoying the summer. I hope everyone else is alright too.

I’ll be around, promise! Until they, take care!



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August 3, 2020

I was never married but lived common law and the first one was a lot worse the 2020 is going, But on the up side..everyday I am above ground has to be a good day right?

August 4, 2020

Your classes sound intetesting.  Do those writers actually teach the classes?  Hope you’re doing well!

August 4, 2020

@dlk082244 Yes, the master classes are taught by the writers themselves. Earlier this year, I took Neil Gaiman’s masterclass and that one was pretty awesome. A few years back I took a screenwriting course by Aaron Sorkin (Social Network, Moneyball, West Wing) and found it helped my writing a great deal… so I’m doing it again to pass the pandemic time.

August 4, 2020

@peter_24601 Sounds like productive use of time.  My cousin writes books for children and teens.  (Trudi Trueit)  She does webinars where she talks to whoever is listening about becoming a writer and building a story, etc.