Doing what poets do…

I haven’t written a lot of poems in the last few months, but I am determined to change that. One reason for that was the stroke, because I like to hand write a lot of poems before transferring them to the computer. I also wrote a lot of my poems at the laundromat, when I was alone and waiting for the clothes to finish washing/drying. I used to get three or four done each time I went. Since the stroke, my Dad has been helping me with the laundry, so I talk to him and catch up instead of write lately.

But that is no excuse, and I’m ready to get back to work. I am going to set a very reasonable goal for myself as well. Twenty poems within the next 138 days. I turn 43 on October 28th, and if I finish 20 more poems my new book of poetry, titled 200 Sonnets, will be finished. I like releasing new stuff on my birthday, because it clears my plate a bit just in time for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and my next 50,000 word marathon. Despite the stroke, I have zero intention of not completing my 13th straight Nano. Will be hard to do, but I’ll make it happen.

So if you’re good at math, you’ll understand that I’ve got 180 sonnets already written. I think I can finish this up by the end of October, but I am going to share with you a few poems that I have written for the new book. I hope you enjoy them.

Attached to this entry are sonnets 128 and 169, both works that I found very inspiring. Just a small sample of the work I’ve been creating for this new volume of poems. I might post more later as the summer goes on, but for now enjoy these two samples.



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June 12, 2018