Mid-Summer Night’s Update…

I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, I’m still here!

Even though I’ve neglected this diary a bit, I have still been working on other things. I finished the Neil Gaiman MasterClass, and it was awesome. I started to get a bit lazy for the homework, and the last four lessons didn’t even have any assignments. So I wasn’t intentionally trying to ignore the diary, I was trying to work on it. I’ve still been posting short stories online, so I’ll keep posting them here as I enter the weekly contest as I go.

As for the Masterclasses, I’m still going strong with those. After I finished the Neil Gaiman class, I kept working on David Mamet’s “Dramatic writing” class and that has been interesting for the most part. I took another writing class taught by Dan Brown, writer of the Da Vinci Code. I’m about halfway through that one, and I’ve found it very enlightening. I’ve gotten some great tips and I think it’s helping my writing big time.

A third class I’ve been enjoying is Neil Degrasse Tyson’s class on “Scientific Thinking and Communication”. It’s a great class for those who want to be healthy skeptics that just don’t ask questions, but push for the truth wherever they might find it. it’s a very deep, thought provoking class. I can totally see myself using this class to define a science based character in a future novel. So this technically counts as research.

When I’m finished these courses, I plan to keep going. There is a course by Bob Woodward, that focuses on Investigative Journalism. I thought this would be a great class to hone and sharpen my writing skills for non-fiction work.

There are also some cooking classes that I want to start taking as well. I want to learn to be a better cook so I can make some kick ass stuff for the boys whenever they visit and these classes will do just that.

So even though I’m still in isolation (high risk due to my condition), I’m making the best of it and doing as much work and studies as I can. I honestly think this is the only reason I haven’t gone stir crazy yet… but 2020 is only half over.

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and doing alright.

I’ll post again soon, promise! Until then, take care!


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July 17, 2020

There needs to be more people like you who actually care about their health…..I am really impressed with you that you are keeping so busy and going to be famous and a millionaire soon….