Summer of 42 continues to be epic…

This is my year of 42, which I am attempting to make as awesome as possible. Had a small hiccup in March, but moving ahead towards an awesome summer that I intend to share with family and friends. One of the cool things I like to do is check out a show/concert if the prices crash and grab a good deal.

Another such deal became available earlier today, and while it’s a Friday, it’s Ethan’s weekend. I used to say shit, that’s the kid’s weekend. Now that Ethan is 14 going on 15, my response is, hey… that’s Ethan’s weekend… let’s get two tickets!!

Hence my latest purchase, two tickets to the Rogers Centre (aka SkyDome) in Toronto to see Def Leppard and Journey.

Ethan is 14 going on 15… so this is a great time to check out his first major kickass rock concert.

So when Ethan is asked when he’s older, by friends or even a girlfriend… his first rock concert was Journey and Def Leppard. I think that’s a good answer. As a dedicated concert goer, I want Ethan’s first non-kids concert to be epic… I think this qualifies.

Five days after that I’m taking my older brother to ACC for the Train/Hall & Oates Concert.

That’s going to be a cool show too… I’ve considering bowing out of this and letting my bro take his wife for the show, but she’s not a big fan and I love both these bands. Chris and I haven’t hit a concert together in over 6 years… when we saw Roxette in 2012. It’s been too long and I remember listening to this band with Chris when he was younger all the time. This is our show.

After Train/Hall & Oates, the next show isn’t until July 13th, when I got back to Rogers Centre for a country concert.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Zac Brown Band, but I dig a few of their songs. This is a solo mission, as the ticket I got on sale was a single ticket all by its lonesome. So a second level 200 ticket that usually goes for $100 on sale for $20. Yoink.

As long as they play Loving You Easy, Highway 20 Mile and a few other favorites… that’s worth $20 alone.

A week later, I’m taking Ethan for full week while Jon is at summer camp. So why not do another show? Yes sir…

This is gonna be a different but entertaining show. Not as rocking as Def Leppard/Journey concert, but I like the idea of exposing Ethan to a variety of music and this does just that. I’ve already seen Yanni once, but this will be Ethan’s first time and I think he’ll enjoy it. In my opinion Yanni is one of the best composers in the world today and on the anniversary of one of his best albums… I’m looking forward to this one.

Then the next week is when Patrick and I are going back to Bud Stage to see Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.

As you can see, I have a pretty wide taste in music… as I got most genres covered this summer.

So I’m taking my bro, my son and friends to some killer shows. This summer is gonna be epic… and the best part is all shows cost less than $20 a ticket to attend. My Dad spent more money on his Eagles tickets than all off these shows combined. But that’s the Eagles and he bought it for his new fiance, so not judging. I just got more bang for my buck here, and a chance to spread the love.

So there is my inspiration to get back to work. Save up some money for transport to these shows and buy Ethan some killer t-shirts. Little guy will love a Rob Zombie shirt.. ha ha.

The countdown is on… three months, five shows.




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May 17, 2018

cool concerts!

May 17, 2018

@thesunnyabyss I know, right?

Ethan is going to love his shows… and I might take him to another in August, waiting for the prices to come down a bit more.

June 3, 2018

definitely some varied tastes! have fun!