What I’m working on right now…

It seems like there just isn’t enough time to do anything. While I want to use that excuse a lot, the real truth is that I’ve been struggling with writing, and sometimes when that happens, this diary can be harmed by the lack of mojo. Even when I’m writing, I’ve got a full plate that makes writing entries on this diary something that gets tossed on the back burner.

To give you a glimpse of the chaos, here’s a list of projects that I’m currently working on:


1) 200 Sonnets: Poetry Book

The first sonnet book was 50 Sonnets, and the sequel was 100 Sonnets. I’m currently on Sonnet # 182. My goal is to finish this book by my birthday (October 28th). I think it’s doable, but that day is coming faster than I’d like so I’ve got to get my poem writing ass into gear.


2) It Never Left: Non-Fiction Slavery Book

I’ve been working on this non-fiction book on and off for a few years. I was hoping to finish it this year, but the stroke, the comic books, and a few other things got in the way. I’m going to dedicate some real time to this project, because this is something I’d like to finish as slavery is still an issue that we have to deal with. As the title suggests, it never really left.


3) It’s Not Russia, It’s You: Non-Fiction Trump Book

This is a book I started in January, and I hoped to finish before the mid-terms but the stroke and other factors stalled it. I have a lot of views and strong opinions about what happened in 2016, so I thought why not make a book? While I’m almost 25% done, there’s a few books I need to read for research and once I get that out of the way, I’ll get back to it. I’m looking at end of the year or March 2019 to complete this.


4) Gunning For Gibson: Spy Novel

Six chapters in, but I’ve kind of hit a road block here. I’ll get back to this soon, cause the feedback so far has been great. A story about a spy/killer for the government is put in an amusing position that makes for interesting interaction and action. I’ve considered making this a Nano project, but not likely because it’s state of traction at the moment.


5) The Evil Inside: Suspense/Thriller Novel

This book is half finished, with over 150 pages and 14 chapters so far. This book starts off like a John Grisham novel, with lawyers and legal shit as they are tossed into an ethical dilemma. The part I’m on now is where the shit hits the fan, as this book is slowly going to dissolve into something so gruesome that it would make Stephen King blush. The body count is gonna be epic, and I’m hoping to release this book next year.


6) World Of Monsters: Serial Novel on Wattpad

I’ve been writing a Vampire/Zombie mash up serial novel for shits and giggles for the last year and half. I’ve been posting a chapter online as I’m finishing them, and so far the book has been well received so far. This story is currently on Chapter 22, but production has slowed down since the stroke. I will try to pick things up as readers have been begging for more updates. It’s nice to be wanted. If you want to read this pretty cool monsters in a Zombie Apocolypse novel in progress, just hit up my Wattpad account by clicking HERE. There are also 44 other stories there to check out too!


7) The Next Nanowrimo Project:

I’ve got several novel ideas and synopses written up, but haven’t decided which one will become this year’s Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and November is fast approaching. I’ll go with my gut at the last minute, as it’s served me rather well so far. This year, if successful, will be my 13th straight completed Nano. I’m a little worried this year since I had the stroke, but am still going to do it. If I end up failing, it will not be from a lack of effort or because I didn’t try.


 8) River Comics: Various titles

I’m still writing 1-3 comic book scripts for this company per month like I always have. Despite the large volume submitted, story lines are still strong and I am still working hard, despite the slow down from the stroke. But I like doing cool stuff with my boys, so I’ll keep plugging away at this one without complaint. Tickets for sporting events and concerts don’t pay for themselves…


So as you can see… I’ve got a fair bit on my plate. Can’t say I’ve got nothing to do. I’m not trying to use the stroke as an excuse, but I’m working through it. The fact that I am typing pretty well half a year later in itself is a vast improvement. It will get better with practice and the more I write. It’s struggle but I refuse to quit. I’m too stubborn to do something like that.

Now I’m gonna bring this procrastination to a quick end. Back to work I go!



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September 12, 2018

question…..How can you keep each book straight when you go from one to the other?  I take it just doing one at a time is out of the question?  I admire how you can do so many things and still live your life.

September 12, 2018

@jaythesmartone Sometimes jumping from project to project can be tough, but I find reading the previous chapter/issue can help get me back into it quickly. Lately it’s been tougher, but I’m grinding through it, at least I’m trying..

September 12, 2018

you have a lot of projects on the go at one time! Lots of interesting ones here! I’ve followed you on the link you gave here but am not finding the zombie piece. I followed you on FB too. I like the looks of your page; if you’re looking for something to write about in here and are willing to share, marketing and publishing tips would be welcome.

I always mean to do NANO and never do. i do have something in the works at the moment but I think it’ll take me more time than a month so I’m not going to worry about it.


September 12, 2018

@sorrowsfade After the first 3 stories on the page click on the “SHOW MORE” button a few times and a lot more stories will pop up. There’s 45 of them! World Of Monsters is like the 5th one down… the first few chapters of Gunning For Gibson are there too.

As for Nano, what I tell fellow writers who are iffy about doing it… just do it. Even if you don’t make 50K, writing anything is still better than nothing, and you get a lot of work done in a very short time. If you can make it, you’ve got what for some is a year’s worth of work done in less than 30 days.

I resist using current projects for Nano and pick something new. So when the month is over I’ve got a new book to post. After a few years that adds up!


September 13, 2018

@peter_24601 thanks 🙂

September 13, 2018

@peter_24601 oh goodness. I feel stupid. that SEE MORE was NOT a small bar lmao very noticeable, except apparently by me.

September 14, 2018

I’m tired and stressed just reading.  Your plate is certainly full!