Peculiar weather

What is a positive thing about the weather lately? Well, I guess I can say that its unpredictable. Not sure if that is positive though? I am having a hard time thinking of something positive because its just been so up and down. We just got out of a three day heatwave! (35 degrees and higher..) and I am VERY sensitive to the heat so not loving it.  I felt nauseous from the heat mostly. Today it was much cooler, but windy. I was getting groceries today and because I don’t drive I carry around a cart and its about a 20 min walk to the store. Needless to say my hair always comes back looking like I’ve just had Throw in the fact that I’m a 100 pounds (literally I’m only 100 pounds) and the wind is throwing me everywhere, so not a fan of the wind either. I long for a day where theres little wind, and its not quite as hot.

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