Somotimes I prefer a stranger than a friend…

Is is it wrong to want to hang out with strangers? Or meet up with strangers and make plans to go discover new places to go to eat, drink, and just explore? Even in high school I never really had a “group”; I mean yea I always have those two friends I love to hang out with, but I never really labeled myself to be part of a group. I enjoy talking to everyone and meeting new people.

I moved cities where I have no friends and yea it’s boring.. when I goo hiking/exploring I feel lonely. I downloaded bumble for friends and it was kind of boring since I like interacting with people face to face instead of texting. I made a new friend and we have been going on hikes and just having fun. My friends from my old hometown invite me to go out and.. but sometimes I prefer to say that I’m busy and go out with my new friend instead.

Maybe I enjoy hearing new stories? maybe I get bored easily? I don’t know .. but I feel like a bad friend thinking like this. My friends are not judgemental and fun; but sometimes I just prefer to hang out with a stranger and talk about random things.

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Hey there, I’m Sammy… nods Now we aren’t stranger dangers… 🙂