Kage bunshin no jootsoo

 … What. I’m re-watching Naruto, from the very beginning.

Well, after that 5-day, life-draining community service I’ve rendered, I came home dead tired at around 3 PM with a broken suitcase that I had to drag by the handle because I had no energy to carry it instead like a manly man. Long sentence is long.

After having finally taken a proper bath at the comfort of my own house, I slammed myself against the bed which seemed like a plaza compared to the one I’ve been previously sleeping on back in the rural escapade. I thought I’d fall asleep like I had before, but I found myself rather bored. Summoning my laptop, I brought it to life and stared at the screen for quite a while until a random thought occurred.


… I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, especially because I kept hearing that the story has become rather interesting. 

It’s been 9 years since I’ve watched it.

When I was in 5th grade, I remember going home early just to watch Yu-Gi-Oh!, then proceeded by Naruto. It was a ritual. I was in love with these two. They are a strong part of my childhood. I admit, they’ve greatly helped in shaping who I am right now. 

When we moved to a new home during 6th grade, I cried not because of the fact that I might never see my friends again, nor at least graduate with them. It was because the local news over that region ate up Naruto’s time slot. I was devastated. I still watched Yu-Gi-Oh! religiously, and of course, waited for Naruto to show. I learned how to pray solemnly. But despite that, Naruto always gets eaten up by some stupid news show (yes, I still hate it to this day because of that. Childish, no?).

… Over the time, I learned to let it go. I started to draw more to compensate for the loneliness. Though it sounds silly, it really had an impact on me. I felt empty, cheated on, deprived, betrayed. I didn’t have friends, and my only source of happiness was gone. And so, my 6th grade year was the most miserable time of my life. I weirded out. I was a new face in a graduating class. I got picked on, I was never accepted for honors because of a foreign-school bias, and there was no one in that class that shared the same interests that I had. I was isolated in the most crucial point of my development years.

But everything went better when I was in high school. It was when I met my best pals, and spent the best four years of my life.
… Now that’s a different story I’ve probably had already written again and again in my previous entries.


I’m now watching Naruto. The magic isn’t there anymore. I’ve lost the feeling of immersing myself in my fantasy world like I had when I was younger. Growing up is a pain, pfft. But boy, it’s very nostalgic. I used to sing the theme songs over and over despite not knowing the lyrics (they’re in Japanese, but I don’t care). I’ve noticed that I became quite miserable in college. These past days, even during he community service, my spirit was damp. But Naruto seemed to have lit up a spark somewhere.

… One Piece had the same effect, but I never watched it during childhood. No wonder Naruto felt somewhat special.

Funny. Why am I writing so passionately about this. Guess my inner ninja spirit wants to finally drag the kid out of me.

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November 18, 2012

lol ^_^ I used to do the same thing! But Yu-Gi-Oh! was early on Saturday mornings. I remember setting my alarm clock just to watch that show. I even went so far as to collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards… and I still have them. ^_^ lol Naruto I didn’t watch because I thought the English voice acting was stupid, but then I started watching it in Japanese and its one of my favorite shows now! ^_^ have fun!