I’m now someone I’ve always wanted.

I now have a pair of glasses I’m in love with. *fistpump*

I don’t know. I’ve always loved glasses. I’m not sure why. But now that I have my very own… I think I don’t want to ever have glasses (ambivalence *smh*). It’s when you’re doing the comparison that makes you realize how important your eyes are. When I take off my glasses, everything seems…blurry. Makes me think about all those times I’ve sat in front of the computer for hours in a terribly lit room. I kind of regret such.

What bothers me more is that I’ve gotten these prescription glasses from an optometry boutique. I should have gone straight for an eye doctor, though they may charge more. I’m actually thinking I might have glaucoma because I keep seeing halos around night lights. I’ll make sure I’ll get an appointment when I get my allowance.

Another concern is that, I want to rest my eyes. But given the circumstances I currently am in, I probably can’t. I still want to study hard for the Medical Admission Test, not to mention the board exams I’ll be having this December. And, dagnabbit, I’m currently addicted to Ragnarok 2. It’s the only pastime I have that keeps me sane. Aside from VSauce and other Internet stuff that is.

Yet another concern is that (I’m now officially a worrywart) I haven’t spoken to the doctor in the boutique about several concerns (which I stupidly forgot to ask about). Should I wear my glasses all the time, or as needed only? Will my eyesight get better? What are the things I can do for my eyes? When should I go back to have my eyes checked on again? After donning my glasses for the first time, I hurriedly thanked the storekeeper and continued strolling the mall in a merrier fashion.

And now I’m not sure whether I can just go back there and ask for my records. Like, ‘how much power do my lens have?’ Yes, I have no idea.

While writing this entry, I’ve been doing research (Googling *cough*) about the consequences of wearing glasses for extended periods of time. Turns out that the ‘dependency’ issue is a myth. The ‘reading in the dark’ and ‘staring at computer screen for too long’ also are myths. I still can’t believe it. Which makes me ask myself, what caused my vision to worsen?

Now I am more concerned about the possibility of having glaucoma. The secondary type, I assume, because of my history of having taken prescribed steroidal eye drops for my conjunctivitis. Also, I remember taking celestamine a couple of times when my chronic urticaria started. Back then, I had no idea what celestamine, a steroid, can do to me. Now I am extra careful with all medications we have inside the house. Also, I have a great potential to annoy doctors whenever I beg to disagree with their steroid-containing prescriptions. Especially when it is not necessarily needed.


I’m gonna wear my glasses as much as I please. It’s multi-coated (as I have been told), so I’ll be having UV protection along the way. It’s a big bonus along with the HD-like graphics I currently am enjoying. And plus, I’ve been getting compliments lately (pffft, hey there, self-esteem). Teachers start noticing me now. I swear, they do. It’s annoying because they think I’m smart because I’m wearing glasses. Has it always been that way? Either way, it’s kind of beneficial on my part. *evil grin*

Maybe I’ll name my glasses.
*attachment alarm goes off*

And oh. So much for writing about glasses, silly me.

I’ve recently been getting back to my old self. Not the crappy college self-loathing one. I feel better after immersing myself in a myriad of textbooks. Within that time I avoided going on the Internet and had no other form of entertainment. I felt like being in a cage. I wonder if med school is worse than that? Now, the slightest hint of social contact means something to me. I’m more spontaneous now. Am I coping? I find this new development slightly hilarious. Oh look, I have also grown humble now.

And now I’m randomly thinking of things and type them anyway. 
That’s right, I need sleep.
Gotta sleep to stay sharp tomorrow.
…Still thinking of a name for a pair of glasses.

And no, I am not mentally ill.

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