Aide and Abet Me



It’s 29 days until I see ActionMan again.
I can’t wait.
At some point in those two weeks my life is gonna change forever, at some point in those two weeks I’m gonna commit myself to ActionMan, wholey, truly and purely.
I’m gonna commit myself to being his, I’m gonna commit myself to marrying him, I’m gonna commit myself to being his future and I can honestly say that while it does scare me to promise myself to another, to commit myself in such a way, I actually feel that I’m ready for it, like the time is right, not that it has come, that suggests that I’e soent time waiting for this, which I haven’t but the time is right as it all happend so unexpectedly.
I never expected to be a wife.
I’ve been engaged before but not in a way where there were wedding plans involved. I couldn’t see myself in the wedding, or as their wife but with ActionMan I can.
I can see us stood together, before those persons there present, I can see us taking our vows, I can see us just living together, I can see me telling him we’re gonna have our first child, I can see us in the hospital with our first child…
and our second. I can see us raising our children, holidays to Disneyland, trips to the beach, first days at school, parents nights, high school, puberty, proms, graduations, college choices.
I can see us packing them off to college, I can see us heading out their graduations, I can see us crying as they graduate.
I can see us as an old couple on a porch swing, I can see us arguing because I wanna play dominos not shuffleboard.
I hope I die before him, because I’d hate to have to live without him.



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March 20, 2011

Just a gorgeous entry, with the right amount of soppiness that didn’t make me roll my eyes lol. Happy for ya chicky xxxx

March 20, 2011

LOL… just don’t get outta bed for the 2 weeks!!!! Lucky duck!!!!

March 20, 2011

awww 🙂

yeah I love it x

thanks so much for adding me to ur friends list. Sounds like this action mans really got ur heart what an amazing entry much love…..