Bumpin’ Bumpin’ *EDIT*


apparently I’m  pregnant…

I took a test this morning.
I’m 4 days late.
Not normal.
There were two pink lines.
But I guess one could have been an evap line??
I have another test to do on Sunday, that is assuming that I’m not being lied to, assuming that my period doesn’t come.
Why Sunday?
Well, I’m working Thurs-Sat, I don’t wanna dick about with tests and junk at 3am. Or at work.
So Sunday I will test again.
If I am pregnant I assume by this time I will have a clearer line. After all it was faint, but very definitely there.

If I am then today I am 4w 4d.

By the way,
as shocked as I am….
I’m ecstatic.

Fuck it.
Retesting now.




Seeing the midwife Thursday.
Very Shocked.

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January 4, 2012

Holy cow!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!! (that’s okay to say, right?) Congrats!

January 4, 2012

You’re pregnant for sure, no doubt in my mind. I’m in shock but so excited! Always happens when we least expect it!!! I say go to a Dr. ASAP!!!!

January 4, 2012

lol, just caught the edit. Good idea. It’s totally baby season round here!

Wow! Congrats x

January 4, 2012

OMG lil sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations….. happy happy happy for you! xxx

January 5, 2012

wowza! congrats lil lady!