Da dum da da



I dont mean to cause panic or alarm, BUT I think I’ve found my dress!! My wedding dress
and no, you cant see.
No-one is except me, and the dressmaker, I was looking last night and I saw loads that were lovely, and then I saw this one, and I was like,
I showed my Mum just to see her thoughts,
and she thought it was beautiful too. I’m not having it exacty to match, but if I show you all it gives way too much away. It’s beautiful though.
Am still going to check out the two other bridal stores in town though, just so I dont miss anything.




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February 13, 2011

Aww yay… happy happy happy for ya! xxx

Nice! That’s half the battle, finding the perfect dress. At least you are on top of things! 🙂

February 13, 2011

How exciting!!!

February 15, 2011

That’s awesome

February 16, 2011

RYN: Yes, sex with Kenny. I pure jumped him. Oooopsy daisy!!! xxxxx