“Happy” Birthday? Hmmmm


So yesterday was the big day and it BLOWED.

Elle was happy and I got presents then she went in a weird mood at about 11am so I ignored it, and Daddy came round with a lil pen with my name on it and the box tells you a smidge about my name and is very pretty, anyways, Elle was in an odd mood and in the shower for ages and OK her leg was hurting but when she got out the shower she stayed upstairs on MSN Messenger and said she was resting….so she couldn’t have lay on the sofa with the laptop on her lap? So she did that for like an hour and a half, which pissed me off. Then we were OK kind of, But  we had to go to Asda but guess who didn’t have her purse? And guess who had to use her birthday money to pay for the stuff? So add this to the fact that ALL my friends let me down at the last minute about going out into town and party and I got pretty upset. IT’S  MY BIRTHDAY AND I’LL CRY IF I FUCKING WELL WANT TO, but all she did was get mad which got me mad, so I told how pissed I was about the presents, about the complaining, about how she didn’t bother to arrange anything, about how she didn’t even get me a cake and everything else birthday related, I came close to not even going out, she got even madder, so I told her I was going out and she could decide whether or not she came, and then I got in the bath. She came out but I mainly ignored her, there was me, s-i-l and her best friend but I was civil and I got totally tanked because it was shit. I fell over.

Then there was this morning.

She slept in the other room. I’m not bothered. We had a talk or should that be that she talked at me for half an hour telling me that I’m lazy, selfish, greedy and I don’t do anything and all this other stuff, and when she’d finished I told her that I felt like she’s trying to control me and that she doesn’t care and some other stuff, and so we’ve split up. It’s over. I’m staying here until I get a new job and a house or a flat or something. I can’t do this anymore, and why should I? I’m not even upset, she’s gone to her Mums for the day, so no doubt she’ll be telling tales round there that I’m the big bad monster  and how horrid I am to her, but I don’t even care, because at the end of the day the whole family is weird and controlling, like some sort of  fucking cult.

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awww That sucks sorry you had a bad birthday but Happy belated! I would have so partied with you. What’s wrong with them?

December 2, 2008

Hey Babygirl…Happy Birthday! 22 was my favorite age.

December 2, 2008

single, huh? if you met me you wouldn’t be single for long. 😉

December 2, 2008

wow. she is a piece of work to not even pamper you on your birthday is really messed up. what a bitch. run away!

December 2, 2008

happy belated bday sorry it wasnt as you had planned it

December 2, 2008

That is Bailey my oldest. She is 6. I have 2 more kids. Isabella is 3 and Ryder is 2.

December 2, 2008

Aw sorry that people ruined ur b-day. I would have came and we would have went out for drinks if I was there!

December 3, 2008

thats crazy! i see what you were talking about with the pants now though… lol -jade