In Trouble…♥

So…me refusing to watch Big Brother with Elle landed me in the dog house, she’s got all sulky and stroppy about because…when she lived at home they made a big deal of it…well I’m sorry sweetie but if I’ve got something important to do then I’m damn well not going to watch 16 dickheads lock themselves up in order to battle to be centre of attention like tempestuous tantruming toddlers. Plus the fact that I find the programme MORALLY offensive, why should I sit watching just because you want me to…no, it is not going to happen. I very rarely say no to her but where BB is involved I will say no, she just needs to grow up and get a grip. End of story.


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June 6, 2008

i don’t see why someone would get mad cuz you don’t want to watch tv with them. honestly, I’d be like “eh ok, talk to you when it’s over” and watch my shit! blah. she needs to stop being such a girl. ha ha… i hope you’re feeling better!

June 11, 2008

I dun blame you for not wanting to see big brother…. elle shouldnt be getting pissy at you coz you dont want to!!!