(Entry 2) – The 3 Cs

Recently i attended Jay Shetty’s 2021 Reset: New Habits for a New Time on Facebook. The 5 days workshop had myriad of things to offer.

On 2nd day, Jay shared 3 Cs to focus on – Coaching. Community. Consistency. 

It is rather a parameter to determine the growth in your efforts. If one of the Cs is absent, you are stuck on the way to success.

i recently finished Season 1 of my podcast. 15 episodes. One every Sunday. That says something about one C – Consistency. What about the other two? After all, i am still new to the podcast industry and wish to grow as a podcaster.

For the second time in my life, Facebook looked useful. i joined a podcast community and since then, i am in abundance of coaching. It is mesmerizing how, in the right community, people appreciate and support you! i had least expectations before joining the group but now i see doing it is one of THE best decisions of my life.

And so is joining the Open Diary community! i wrote my first entry yesterday and already two writers made me feel welcomed (and another diagnosed me with mood and anxiety disorder based on one write-up but hey! Let’s not take life on its face value every time). i am grateful that they spared a few minutes to read and drop some support in the box.

i personally believe that in order to learn and grow, you gotta have 3 Cs – Coaching. Community. Consistency.

If you ever feel stuck, look which C is missing. i am sure you will find the answer right on the spot.

What’s the latest community you have joined (apart from OD, of course)? 🙂

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March 1, 2021

I wouldn’t diagnose you…at least until I ended up actually getting my license in Counseling.  Then…it’s ON!  😉

So, what do you podcast on and what do you write?

March 2, 2021

@tigerhawk A questionnaire this time, no diagnosis 😱 Phew!

My podcast is educational (don’t confuse it with academics). i talk on mental health, self (love + care + help), music, books, relationships…ordinary things which everyone seems to relate with. i try to make it interesting.