(Entry 3) Reason you are able/unable to join The 5AM club.

It’s science. All you need is, the knowledge.

Waking up at 5 AM, does that morph you into a Grumpy Grandma or a Happy Hippo? i will talk about my case later.

But first, what is The 5AM club?

5Am club is an invisible but global club. Members in it wake up at or about 5 every morning.

Some of the ordinary club members/Happy Hippos are – Indira Nooyi (CEO of PepsiCo; wakes up at 4:30Am), Oprah Winfrey, Robin Sharma, Jennifer Anniston (again, 4:30AM girl), Khloe Kardashian, Jack Dorsey (Co-founder of Twitter and Square) etc.

How to determine you are a member? Or not?

Simple. If you wake up at 5 every morning, you are the member. Remember the jargons like – ‘Welcome to the 5Am club!’ Or, ‘Happy to finally join 5Am club!’ Or, ‘5Am club is so not my thing!’ All they talk about is the ability of waking up at 5 every single damn morning.

Now, the science behind it.

A few days ago, i stumbled upon a website The Power of When where i took the Chronotype quiz run by Dr. Michael Breus (sounds like a real doctor).

Apparently, he informs you about your biological clock. What time your body is designed to sleep and wake up, when should you have coffee/tea, when should you talk to your boss about the pay raise (Seriously? Yes.), when should you get intimate with your partner, when you should drink alcohol…things like that.

i gave the test and was authentic. Originality is my thing. Turns out, i am a bear. Woof Woof! Sorry. That’s how a dog sounds. How does a bear sound like?

Being a bear has its benefits. Won’t bore you with the details. The only thing that matters is, the test says that my sleep cycle is 11:10 PM to 7Am. i actually find it reliable.

That is why i am always the Grumpy Grandma every morning when i have to wake up at 5 to prepare breakfasts and lunches (for my family).

Search this website if you are interested. Let me know which animal are you according to the sleep doctor, Dr. Breus. Let’s make a pack.

At last, is not joining the 5AM club bad?

Not at all! Winston Churchill used to write until 2AM and would sleep till late hours in the morning. Who is he? Come on! Do some research. A little heads up though. Churchill is a pretty famous guy. Dead too sadly.

Another example is, Jeff Bezos (Amazon guy). He starts his day at 7.

Mark Zuckerberg. He does something at Facebook.

And then there is me. i also happen to do something with life. Hope to succeed. Like aforementioned people.

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March 2, 2021

Wow I could never wake up at 5AM everyday

March 2, 2021

@itsjustmarina Now you know why.

March 2, 2021

very informative!

March 2, 2021

@thelonelyintrovert Thank you!