A new day….

As each day goes by, I guess it gets a bit easier. The thing that hurts the most is the thought of him with the girl. How he can move on so easily after ten years. Everything has always been so easy for him because his parents enable him.

He never *really* needed to worry about bills because all he paid was child support & car insurance, which was THE cheapest he could get!

Since we were together, he has always lived at home with his mommy & daddy. How embarrassing it was for me to just say the city he lived in and *not* the fact that he was a 47 year old man still living at home!

He was married for only a few years before they separated, so it’s not like he ever *really* knew what it was like to be on his own.

No wonder he never really cared if he had a job. He never needed one!

He had anger issues and most times behaved like a child when people had different views. I was always on eggshells when we went out and hoped everyone was on their "best behaviour" so we would not end up leaving the restaurant, cause he felt like he wasn’t waited on quick enough.

But yet, I still stayed. Despite it all. Even after the arguing over stupid crap. There are just so many things I need to list to get through this. But it must wait.. Till I got more time to write.

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