25th November 2020

i always cry out of nowhere. even now  i made this account just to type out what i feel online and remain anonymous. everything went downhill when i entered middle school. i tried to  be someone im not, just to fit the stereotypes people had for me. “oh your parents are great people, you must be friendly too arent you?” ” woah they said youre outgoing, let’s be friends” and all that shit. for 4 years i tried to be someone i never really was just to impress others and get along with them when i never really wanted to. im just tired of feeling left out but now i honestly really dont care. im tired of keepin up my own facade and im not gonna feign ignorance with myself anymore. ive been crying and realizing so much shit lately it hurts.

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November 24, 2020

I cry easily too (hugs)