Bend in the Wind

Trees have been here for thousands of years. Surviving everything we throw at them. Bending with the wind to stay tall. I wish I had their adaptability. There are lessons to be learned from observing them. I read The Overstory last month, and I’ve become hyper aware of these machines that keep us alive. Their daily cycle of creating oxygen so life keeps moving forward. But somehow we lost the ability no the want to appreciate these majestic tall towers of nature. We’ve become self-deluded with our own wants that we ignore the world at large.

I spend all my time now studying these pieces of our humanity wondering when did we stop caring. And how can we get back. Some may say that’s crazy to tie our humanity to trees. But if you pause and think of how they work, you’ll realize without trees there is no us. Just like the sun and the crops. So many things rely on one another to create a community of life. We owe to ourselves to learn how to reconnect with that part of ourselves before it is to late.

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July 28, 2019

This entry made me think of that children’s book, The Giving Tree. I agree with you, we don’t appreciate everything trees do for us.