We are just memories lost in someone else’s high beams. The world is drifting, changing and yet I’m unmoved. Let’s find a dream and attach ourselves to it. Let’s find love in the shadows of youth. Learning to not read intention in the moment is often difficult but worth it in the end. Because reading what is just there is pure and uncorrupted. Can we make it last? Can we find peace? Will we keep swaying in the moonlight taking our turn as the lead? I don’t know, I’m not sure if I want to know anymore. I’m afraid of what happens the farther this goes. Even if we’re just friends, it still scares me. I’m not sure why. Intimacy is not something that seems to come easy for me these days. So here I am standing at the edge, my eyes close getting ready to jump into the unknown. And I don’t want anyone to stop me, because I’ll stay if they ask. I’ll keep holding myself back just to satisfy them all. So there is no looking back.

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