Still that same 17 year old

In a week I’ll be in Michigan. I’ll be with friends and I can not wait. A much needed break from the humdrum life I live. I’m excited to celebrate all the things and sing our hearts out. Excited to get all the hugs and share all the stories. Now if only I could focus and get my homework done. I am struggling something fierce with that. It’s okay though. I’ll buckle down and make myself do it, if it’s not done by tomorrow. It’s kind of nice class this month has everything unlocked so I can knock out week one and week two before I leave. I just need to be more disciplined. That’s not happening, every time I pick up my book I get distracted by other thoughts.

I guess some things will always be the same. Most of my earlier entries on here are because I was avoiding things with flowery words. Comforting in a way that certain things about ones self always remain the same. A warm embrace to remind you that even as you rage against the machine you are still that same 17 year old even at 36. I picked up a new journal and have been writing a lot in it. It’s strange but been really cathartic. Very much something I needed.

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August 8, 2019

It’s amazing to me how as we grow older, we really don’t change on the inside – it’s only the outside ┬áthat becomes different, in a lot of ways.