Oral Damages…

Day 2 after having a tooth pulled…

What was supposed to be a simple extraction turned out to be oral surgery – YIKES! – 45 minutes of HIM torturing my mouth… I can still hear HIS treacherous voice…"Some pressure…more pressure…more pressure…nurse…get me the surgery tools"

My mind kept turning to whatever creatures of the universe would hear, Dana, God, Goddess, Raphael…:.:.:ppppllllease! just get it out:.:.:

Now here I sit, lay, roll around in my bed, watching TV hoping I don’t have ‘dry socket’. 600mg of Motrin every 4 hours, ice packs every 20 min on – 20 min off, Amoxicillin every 8 hours

and ohhhhh…. torturous food net work… DAMN YOU! Succulent pieces of steaks, plump grilled chicken breasts, juicy shrimp. I beg you… please show me 101 ways to prepare applesauce!!

Excuse me now while I pop another pill…

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July 14, 2007

UGH, I went through this in April. Root canal gone way wrong, so the tooth had to come out. Liquid diet for 3 days. No fun at all. Hope you are feeling better real soon. 🙂 Love the teddy pic, that is so cute!

Welcome to OD! I hope you are feeling better…

July 15, 2007

welcome to OD. You’ll start feeling better in a couple days.

Welcome to OD sweets! I don’t like dentists, I don’t care how nice they are, they all are into the surgery thing and I’m not into that