~I see…a diary screen

~I need…to stop eating so much

~I find…that I think way too much

~I want…to be normal

~I have…to start worrying about my future

~I wish…that I could have things go my way for once

~I love…nothing.

~I hate…my mother.

~I miss…the way I used to be, happy and carefree.

~I fear…being alone and depressed inside my mind.

~I feel…scared,fearful

~I crave…to have control over myself

~I wonder…what will happen to myself.

~I regret…myself.

I walked among a beautiful Rose Garden,

I cried a singled tear, and got up and grinned.

My life Does not Matter.

It rests in Your Hands.

XOXO–Lil Depressed Dolly

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hey, I think we have a lot in common. I’ll read yer diary more to find out. at first the survey is like a poem. I thought it was… and it was beautiful. Y, DeMoN^WiNGs^(nsi)

I love-all the people who make life worth living.see ya. [aimless wanderer]B164715

Great poem! Read that enty. It was a story I had a couple pages I needed to type up. [PunkSpikes5000]B144018

Why do you hate your mother? [Incognito]B160351

No one is exactly like you. You are special. Every life is special and has a purpose. No one can do exactly what you’re gifted to do. You’re irreplaceable. Be glad you are you. God doesn’t make junk. [Incognito]B160351

i was using it as a metaphor dumbass 🙂 [Sueypoo]B157169

I really liked that. I wish I could think of things like that to write. I’m envious. Thank you for your note and support. I’m hoping that things will get better, but I’m kind of scared too. [PinkIceCube]B161623

I’m so very pleased that you liked my story!! I used to be one. I did it 2wice. It was great when you wanted to do it. But once I looked back, it was horrifying! I never did it since. [PunkSpikes5000]B144018

Uhhh…Sure! (((DONT HATE YOUR MOTHER!!!)))

hey that was good..yeh i’m seeing this in common thing between us..yeh buh byz <3 ya *meg* [Pink Chewed Up Straw]B105861

hey, that was good 🙂 I can relate to *some* of it [Confusion Abound]B121806

your life matters alot more than you know [Red__Tears]B159502