A glimpse into my morning.

My morning begins…

My alarm clock went off this morning. Upon opening my eyes I felt the painful twinges of my hangover. A small headache. A dry mouth. With a huff, I get out of bed because I have to get the kids ready for school.

I am no stranger to hangovers. In my 20’s I would wake up with one most days. But it was “fun then” I’d usually still be drunk and that would get me halfway through the day and venture towards the next blackout.  Starting at 28 I took a year and a half off of drinking and it changed my life. I learned how to conquer my social anxiety and function without booze in my life. I lost weight. Gained confidence. You know, the whole shebang. These days I can control my drinking or should I say better protect myself from its potential chaos. I never blackout anymore. I’m rarely sloppy. And never ever ever ever sloppy in front of the kids. Occasional sloppiness is reserved for my partner when the kids are away. Nights filled with giggles and deep conversations and feeling young and wild again.

What I am new to is being a stepmom. I’m about a year plus into it. Now I never wanted kids. Or to reproduce. I mean yeah when I was younger and programmed in a small town for “grow up then get married then have babies” I thought I did.

Still, even now I don’t want my own children. But these kids… a 9-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy.. they’ve absolutely altered my heart. They are absolutely brilliant and vibrant souls with wicked senses of humor that make me chuckle all the time. Somehow this natural motherly instinct filled me. Perhaps my motherly style is a bit strange – I’m like a sarcastic older friend, a content listener, a court jester, and an absolute mother bear. I’m a small and light-voiced woman but I would murder someone if it was to protect these little pals of mine. In-person school has started for them and it started shortly after my dad passed. They are the reason I get out of bed and I’m excited to do so. Truly I am blessed.

My intentions for the day…

Today I’m considering doing a hobby or something. I love digital art and it’s been a week or so since I’ve drawn. I’m not the best artist out there but it’s always nice to get into my imagination. The featured photo is not my art by the way, but I loved it when I saw it.

I’d really like to do a tarot reading. The past few times I’ve done my own readings. But right now I’m kind of walking on eggshells and don’t really want to know in-depth things about myself right now. If you’ve read previous posts I’m in a bit of an emotional place. However, if anyone on here was into this hippie-dippie bullshit I’d love to do a simple reading for anyone interested. I’m not a psychic and I’m rather new to Tarot but my friends have enjoyed my readings. I feel I’m fairly good at the symbolism and I’m rather connected to the Universe – but that’s as far as I can toot my own horn.


If anyone were to be interested – just ask a general question, or give me an intention on anything you’d like to know. I’m not sure if anyone would be interested but if you are let me know. Again – I could be way off in how I read the answers and their connection to you but it’s still a pretty fun thing for me to do and I could use fun right now. I’d be willing to do maybe up to three and may need some time with each one.

Wrapping up…

Anyway. That’s my post for the day. Thanks for reading. If you feel like chatting here the question I pose it…  Do any of you on here have a hobby? I’d love to hear about any of them. Have a nice day everyone!

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September 16, 2021

We are old but trying to have a kid. (We finally met someone who will put up with the other!) I still worry that I’ll just roll over and hit the snooze button when I need to be getting up for the wee one. I’m sure in reality I wouldn’t, but it’s always a fear.

And hangovers *were* much better then, especially if they followed a night of bad decisions. Not that it ever happened to me or anything…

September 16, 2021

@kingofi Congrats on your next journey! I’m so happy you found a wonderful partner for it. I finally met the person who just gets me too. Building a life with someone is so much different than just being with someone. It’s truly special. I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts for your baby! How freaking exciting.  As for worrying about oversleeping or any such thing – I can tell by your pre-worry that you’re going to be a great dad.

Hahaha ohhhhh yes I’m sure that you are an angel that never dabbled in bad decisions and partying. too funny

I love that you had a good reading! They can be truly eerie and on point. It was cool of you to entertain the idea albeit it not being into that stuff. 🙂

September 16, 2021

Also, I had a card reading a couple years ago and it was eerily on the money. I usually don’t put much stock in such things, but it nailed it on a couple key items.

September 20, 2021

I have one daughter and three stepkids, all adults now.  It’s interesting how a bigger “family” tends to change the trajectory of things.

I guess my “hobby” would be building computers.  It’s about the only thing mechanically that I’m actually good at…

September 21, 2021

My hobby is getting lost in someone else’s fairy-tale. I love reading and getting lost in romance novels. While ago and what I want to get back into is going to gym and enjoying the outside beauty.

I have always been sceptical about ‘Fortune Telling’ and ‘Tarot Card’ reading, but I am curious and scared of what might be said. I don’t know what to ask and how to ask what I want to know and I don’t…I am just wanting to start my life all over again. Okay I am not going to ask you to read into me.

September 21, 2021

@ncumisa I love that you love romance novels and fairytales! I could definitely see that about you. I also want to get back into working out. I look forward to hearing about your workout experiences as that will give me motivation 🙂

If you change your mind, I would be honored to give you a reading.

September 21, 2021

@queengloom – hee hee when I do pluck up the courage and feel the urge to have my reading done I will ‘Holla’ 😉