So many neg. thoughts…

The amount of negative thoughts in my head are deafening, piercing to say the least… I suck at relationships and I’m tired of that fact. Starting to hate getting invested in someone else and vice versa and I do something to fuck it all up!

Am I meant to be alone so that I can’t cause any hurt or pain to anyone else that gets involved with me?

Am I cursed?

Will I meet someone that loves me for me, flaws and all?

Will I ever move on from B?? I know he will me and I imagine it’s easy for him seeing as how I was the aggressor ( figuratively).

I love him incorrectly and I thought I loved him with empathy, compassion and respect but I constantly doubted him and his love for me. I developed distrust, I felt he didn’t see me anymore, he once told me his eyes are starting to wonder and I’ve felt less than ever since. I felt ugly. I didn’t feel special to him, I felt replaceable. I felt unloved. I felt small.

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