Work is a prison.

The past 2 days I have been able to work from home due to some pregnancy complications I was having. I wish I could continue to work from home and work throughout the day at random times that work for me and my schedule. I’ve always been an extremely efficient worker,  no matter the job. I get shit done quicker and more efficiently than 90% of the people I’ve worked with over the years, which is why I feel I always excel wherever I am. I’ve been feeling so locked down by work lately.. and working from home has made me realize that I feel that way because I crave doing things on my time. I’m more productive that way, and also much happier. Why is it standard to work 40 hours a week? Why is it standard to only get 2 days off to cram house work, errands, friends, family, and me time into? A 30 hour work week would provide the same level of productivity and less burn out. I feel even a 40 hour week working on MY time would be better than forced to sit on the clock for a certain amount of hours a day at certain times a day. I truly hope after I have this baby and I’m out on maternity leave, I can put more effort into my podcast and make it a full time job. I would be much happier.

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