Sunless Saturday

Hello. It is very overcast today although it’s not as warm as it has been. I went out to get a newspaper and was pleasantly surprised by the cooler nonhumid  air.  I get on the computer at least once every day and play Monopoly. I’ve always liked that game. I play against the computer. It has been many years since I last played this board game with another person. Of course when you played the board game someone had to be the Banker and take care of the money. That always seemed like a pain the butt to me. It was hard concentrating on the game when you had to keep track of the money. I worked most of my adult life in Banks So I really didn’t want to do anything with money when I played a game. Playing on my PC the computer takes care of the banking. I am still having hassles with my insurance. Went to pick up a refill of a prescription and found out the pharmacy had difficulty with the claim. I had to call my Medicare Part D provider and they arranged so I could get my pills, but now I have to call Medicare. My Part D Provider said the problem was with Medicare. It makes me want to scream. I’ve been kind of down the last couple of days. I don’t know why. When I’m like this tears come more easily than normal. I know I’ll feel better when we have some sunshine again. Unfortunately I think it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.




Like raindrops on flowers

from weeping clouds

help us to grow.


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