Our Thanksgiving was small. I spent most of the day with the boyfriend we’ll call him J just for ease. We saw his step-dad in the early afternoon for a bit and then he went off to dinner. We attempted to order dinner from an amazing burger place we just figured out we both love. They accepted the order online but when we got there to pick it up they were closed…. opps. I guess they forgot to turn off their online ordering for the holiday. We drove the long way home, looked at all the more ethnic places that were open but didn’t really see anything that we wanted so we attempted to heat up leftover nachos from the night before in the Ninja Foodi. It was pretty hysterical, it didn’t do a horrible job. We ate most of those and then I made us some keto whip for dessert. Like I told J at least our next Thanksgiving together won’t take much to top this one.

I’d ordered a dinner for two from us earlier in the week from a local restaurant, but a friend had been in the hospital for a few days and didn’t have any time to prep so we dropped that on her doorstep so she could have something for the holiday.

Thanksgiving is less about the meal than it is about recognizing the people you’re thankful for in my opinion. This year I’m so thankful for J, for putting up with my crazy. I know he loves it. Yea, I get emotional sometimes but we are such a good balance for each other. His business hit a new milestone yesterday too. I haven’t been with him for this whole journey but I am so proud of what he’s managed to create. For my family for standing by me the last year and always being here when I need them and loving me through all of the mess the last year has been.

I’m guessing today we’ll probably run around and do a bit of shopping after I finish work. I really only need to put in 6 hours since I worked a couple of hours yesterday but we’ll see how I feel. I know J needs to work some too.


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December 2, 2020

The small part that you mentioned about delivering food to your friends doorstep… melted my heart! You don’t realize this, and I know these are just words to you, but God Bless You!! The world needs more people like you. What you did for that person is something that not many people do, or even think about doing. Keep writing! You’ll inspire people the world, just by your small actions.