Hello, World … Let’s Rant& Reflect

Hello, World

Been feelin’ a little blue, angry & melancholy lately.  To be honest, I’ve been moody as well.  In between the COVID, news on TV and the overall uncertainty of everything as of lately, i have decided to let some of my feelings out.     How are you guys handling this game of life as of late?

Rant&Reflection 😫 😀

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July 11, 2020

Hi, im good.. As an introvert, I’m enjoying this long stay home period with my pets and family. Chores are hectic alongside work from home but yeah.. it’s so not bad. Why do you feel moody?

July 11, 2020

Hey, I’ve been very moody lately too. I think it’s bc I’ve been quarantined too long and I get cranky when I am stressed out or just in a mood. I also stopped watching the news bc there are so many rumors about COVID so I stopped listening to the news related to COVID bc nobody really knows or is familiar w the virus so I don’t want to listen to rumors and stress out when there aren’t that many facts out about the virus. You’re moody? Feel free to rant.☺️

July 16, 2020

Hi welcome to OD! as for me I am handling this game focusing on present and preparing for the future with the lessons from the past. It’s just like reminding me that I should still be thankful of what is going on around be it a good one or not. I am full of problems too but I make sure to look for some bright sides of all the gloomy things. Problems have no end, but we can always choose how to keep the wheels turning on our hands smoothly😊