A Golden Age Will Begin

The foundation has been set
The results are in
And we are so full shit
Disguising the truth
To believe the lies
It’s time to surrender
Your ego and pride
And become One
In a new state of mind

What creates life
Brings death
And the cycle repeats
Until you find that magic key
And escape this optical illusion
That soaks inside your mind
Shaking your eyes until
You become blind

You only believe
What you are taught
Trapped inside that box
Like there is no other way
And you accept the terms
Of your decay
While leading other people astray

Denial is the most
Predictable of human responses
Hope is an illusion
It is our strongest and weakest point
Everything that has a beginning
Has an end
And every end creates a beginning
The past has caught up to future
The solution will open your eyes
And create a new mind
As peace and love heal your soul
The chaos will end
And a Golden Age will begin

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