A Mirror of Echoes / Criminal Justice Reform

I have been displaced
Somewhere along the lines of
Love and hate
I’m visible
Only to the reality
You choose to see
I’m frozen in time
In a portrait
Far away
From anything you believe

I swallowed
Another pill to escape
The reality from which you see
I swallowed
Another pill to escape
The pain forcing me down
Under the sea
I swallowed
Another pill to induce
The dream that
I’d die to be

I’m just a shadow
Waiting to be seen
I’m just a part of your imagination
Until you declare me dead
I’m the drug
You’ll never find
I’m everything
And nothing
All at the same time

I live backward
Inside my head
Falling away from you
Time and time again
I hear you
Sing my song
As you drift farther
From where you began

I have my blood
Still in my veins
I have my tears
To comfort me
As I try to sleep
I have the emptiness
To persuade my dreams
While I echo
Into a future
That may
Or may never be


Criminal Justice Reform [Video]

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