Before the Future Erases My Name

I’m unknown
Even in the silent shadows of my dreams
I cannot see
Where am I?
I don’t know
Who am I?
A sum of forgotten memories
The amnesia divides my brain
And both sides
Have different names

I’m cold and alone
The Deja-vu
From all my past lives
I’m not afraid
When the weather changes
The direction of my
Place and time
For I’ve seen it before
And I’m experiencing it again
As the voices overwhelm my head

I’m a cursed disease
You may want to stay away
From me
Cause I seem to infect everything
I cannot escape
The void inside
The prison I lock myself in
Is the only place I can live

As I smell the morning dew
I pause
I’ve been traveling
For far too long
Will I see the reward
Or lose myself
In the secrets I keep
Cause too many people speak
And I hope you get a chance
To hear what I have to say
Before the future
Erases my name

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November 17, 2019

Painful  🙁

November 20, 2019


Yeah, it is about my protagonist for the novel I’m writing.