Behind the Eyes of the Blind

Decorating God
With medicated flesh
Tongues sowed and stitched
And now they itch
Waters divide
The iris from the eye
The spectrum shakes
The glass breaks
Sand covers my body
Struggling to breath
For the world is against thee

Beautiful lies
Rape the mind
It’s what nature designed
Changing the leaves
Coloring our eyes
According to the years passed by
Dyeing a life
Trying to escape black and white

Angels scar
When they collide with stars
Another heaven sold
Trying to own a piece
Of what we are told
Advertising religion
To sell our position
Knowing we are dead
In our motherfucking head

The idea teaches
What we tell
The only idiot
Didn’t buy your spell
My life is too black
And I cannot turn back
So I watch
Societies disgrace
Erase humanity’s place

Escape the deception
Reveal the hidden reflection

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