Darkness and Light/Hermeticism Four of the Seven Principles

Her love
Filled my eyes with bleach
For she stole the pigment
To color her chlorophyllous iris
When she looked deep inside my pupil
She stabbed my heart and
Took my soul

The heavens started to
In fear
That it would decay
Creating a vacuum of hate
There is no escape
From cyclical fate

The clouds have
Cloaked the Moon
While the stars recede
In a moonlit dream
Interpreting my life
Through its sight
As I become blind
Living in darkness
And I see no light

If I can survive
This night
I just might see
The sunrise
And the spectrum of light
Shine in my eyes
And give me life
So I hold on tight
Hoping for another day
That I don’t vanish away
Because no one stays


Four of the Seven Principles of Hermeticism

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