Entering the Void

Entering the Void [Video]

I’m lost
It’s been a while
Since I looked up
At the heavens
Trying to avoid time
The rhythm and rhyme
Trying not to watch
Saturn and Pluto
Make their names
With chaos and decay

I’ve seen halos
In graves
With Angels’ names
The demons hide
Behind the Moon
When the Sun comes
Out to play
And Mercury
Plays its tricks
Creating your illusionistic bliss

Venus and Mars
Shed their love
To feed desires
That set the world
On fire
And I feel
The void
The black hole
I’m trying to
Touch my soul

I’ve lived
This story before
It’s the echo
Of my pain
My inner struggle
A story you failed
To comprehend
Because you are
To the symbols
I create
And whispers
I sedate

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