Find the one (part 1)

I can hear the silence
Of the wind
Blow away the mist
That has crept up
Then, suddenly I fell
Inside a trance
Diverging dimensions
To create my own direction

I heard exquisite screams
Jump from ear to ear
As I glanced to my right
I saw a woman crucified
For the sins of being
Who she is
Walking closer
To this fragile woman
Society shed from
Their hive
I set her free
From a world
That no longer sees

Her skin and hair
Are as white as snow
Her body is toned
Aligned in symmetry
But her eyes are
The mysterious reason
Why she haunts my mind
For they are bright blue
With fragments of diamonds
Displaced inside
Capturing the sunlight
Projecting an immortal
Spectrum of light
Dying to break free
From the prison
She creates
To erase her pain
She sedates

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November 25, 2018

she sounds just perfect…..well to me she does.

November 26, 2018


Her name is Sophia (Greek for Wisdom).  She has to be perfect.